200mm (8") Skywatcher Dobsonian Telescope

200mm (8") Skywatcher Dobsonian Telescope

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This is the telescope we recommend more than any other. Widely regarded as the most versatile type and size of telescope available, the “8 inch dobsonian” is outstanding value for money. Highly recommended.

What you can see

The Moon looks great with detailed craters and mountains.
Venus is a small disk with phases visible.
Mars is a very small disk.
Jupiter is a small but clear disk. You should be able to see its main weather bands (just) and four biggest moons.
Saturn is small but nice. You can see the rings and some of the moons.
Deep sky objects (nebulae etc) are visible but relatively faint. Star clusters such as Omega Centauri look okay.
Comets can look great but they vary a lot.

Objective mirror: 200 mm (8”);